About Us

Superlative Belfast Hard Rock group The Irontown Diehards, are an organic outfit whose potent brew of heavy blood boiling riffs, outstanding anthemic choruses and electrifying live shows has already captivated a sizable following,

"Combining assured vintage purple vocals sensibilities, with latter period Lizzy melodic muscle, this Belfast quartet side step the generic modern metal cliche to engineer a fresh take on hard rock classicism"
- Rich Davenport, Classic Rock Magazine

Formed in 2014, The Irontown Diehards, comprise of four incredibly talented musicians who have all previously played in top Northern Ireland rock and metal bands. With their own unique style and blues-tinged original sound, both their debut self-titled album, and the follow up album 'Linchpin, have met with critical acclaim, supported by 5 broadcast videos singles by international director Jim Crone.

“The Irontown Diehards 'Linchpin'. builds on their old-school Classic Rock roots to evolve into a polished and mature affair. Effervescent groove, loose buzzing riffs funky and chugging: the harmonies are spot on and the material has a timeless retro feel to it.”
- Mike Newdeck, Firecracker Magazine

The Irontown Diehards, are an original band breaking out of the conventional rock / metal aesthetic, are; Phil Dixon - Vocals, Andrew Baxter - Guitars, Bass - Mark McCallion, Drums - Eamon Lenehan.